Global Media Studies and the Politics of Mediated Communication

Leading Research Environment

Research at JMK is marked by outstanding international publications, external research financing and participation in established research networks. Our output is at the forefront of scholarly dialogues on the role of mediated communication in society, drawing upon research questions and methods emanating from both the humanities and social sciences. Comparative studies – over time, between media genres and across cultures – constitute a particular strong suit. A central concern of research conducted under the rubrics of Global Media and Politics of Communication is to produce innovative and meaningful research that aims to contribute to the field by way of promoting a social perspective.

Leading Research Environment Guest Professor

Each academic term, the LRE is visited by international scholars who are prominent researchers in the various thematic areas of global media studies and politics of communication. The LRE Guest Professors contribute to both the JMK research and teaching environments. In addition to delivering public talks as part of the LRE seminar series Global Media Café, which brings together both academic and public audiences, the LRE Guest Professors lead higher seminars, offer lectures at both undergraduate and graduate levels, meet with JMK researchers and doctoral students. The overall purpose of the LRE Guest Scholar program is to contribute to and enrich the vibrant intellectual and educational environment of JMK as well as to enhance its international profile and research networks.

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Title Published
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Think tanks as agenda setters Symposium June 02, 2016
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Tracking the trackers: a public lecture by Bev Skeggs March 14, 2016
Post-humanitarianism in the digital era: a public lecture by Lilie Chouliaraki February 10, 2016
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Newsletter Issue 0 - 2015 December 01, 2015
The changing media coverage of Roma people October 21, 2015
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