Global Media Studies and the Politics of Mediated Communication

Leading Research Environment

Research conducted at the Journalism and Media-Communication Studies (JMK) Division of the Department of Media Studies (IMS) revolves around questions related with global media forms and cultures, and political aspects of mediated communication from critical and societal perspectives. In addition, our research on globalization and media is interdisciplinary and critical, aspiring to combine theoretical finesse with innovative scholarship. Global Media Studies, which constitutes the first thematic area of the LRE is an area in which JMK excels nationally-internationally. Equally significant are expressive cultures and cross-cultural social movements as well as broader concerns with the globalization of formats and styles, media technology, and narrative forms, often including a critical interrogation of visual dimensions of these forms and practices. In addition to analyses of media globalization and transnational news, our research comprises of cosmopolitanism, war and conflict; identity and politics; global media events, media witnessing, cultural diversity and geography; climate change and the media; technology and society; critical geopolitics and popular communication; representation and the media; and, audiences and consumption.

Another, historically prominent, research focus is on the politics of mediated communication including studies of the societal roles played by the news media; power relationships between politicians and journalists; the politics of news reporting; surveillance, social movements; political communication and PR; gender and diversity; media in historical and contemporary conflicts; and, how media narratives and social media negotiate emotions and existential issues. In much of this work, national and international media representations, with a focus on the visual as well as textual elements, are a continuing theme.

A central concern of research conducted under the rubrics of Global Media Studies and Politics of Mediated Communication is to produce innovative, meaningful, cutting-edge research that significantly contributes to the field by way of promoting social perspectives. In the larger departmental context (with Cinema and Fashion Studies), the LRE embodies an even greater potential to enhance what is already a vibrant, productive and increasingly well-known component of Stockholm University.

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Published Title Authors
2016 WikiLeaks and “Indirect” Media Reform Christian Christensen
2016 All politics is local: Anonymous and the Steubenville/Maryville rape cases Christian Christensen
2015 Newsroom divides: Online news production, gender, and organization at Gunilla Hultén
2015 Gender Equality and Social Justice in Public Media: Media monitoring research in eight countries across four continents Greta Gober, Diana Nastasia
2015 Pr-byråene og politikken Sigurd Allern
2015 Politisk journalistikk på norsk: sjangrer og maktrelasjoner Sigurd Allern
2015 Not Good Enough?: Amateur Images in the Regular News Flow of Print and Online Newspapers Maria Nilsson, Ingela Wadbring
2015 Bildjournalistik som innehåll Maria Nilsson
2015 Människor tycker om bilder Maria Nilsson
2015 Politicians as Media Producers: Current trajectories in the relation between journalists and politicians in the age of social media Mattias Ekman, Andreas Widholm
2015 The Political in Cultural Journalism: Fragmented interpretative communities in the digital age Kristina Riegert, Anna Roosvall, Andreas Widholm
2015 Celebrating with the celebrities: Television in public space during two royal weddings Karin Becker, Andreas Widholm
2015 Kulturjournalistik Kristina Riegert, Anna Roosvall, Andreas Widholm
2015 Rom-register och brott på topp: Rapportering om romer i Dagens Nyheter och Aftonbladet 1995-2014 Ester Pollack, Anna Roosvall
2015 Kulturjournalistik Kristina Riegert, Anna Roosvall, Andreas Widholm
2015 Journalistikk og kildekritisk analyse Sigurd Allern
2015 The Political in Cultural Journalism: Fragmented Interpretative Communities in the Digital Age Kristina Riegert, Anna Roosvall, Andreas Widholm
2015 Political parallelism and the case of women in management positions in public media in Poland: An ethnographic study Greta Gober
2015 Personalized scandalization: Sensationalizing trivial conflicts? Ester Pollack
2015 Medier och intersektionalitet Anna Roosvall, Kristina Widestedt

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