Books and Anthologies

Year Title Publisher
2019 Källkritik! Journalistik i lögnens tid Studentlitteratur
2015 Journalistikk og kildekritisk analyse Cappelen Damm Akademisk
2013 New Nordic journalism research Nordicom
2012 Scandalous! Nordicom
2011 Fjernsynsvalgkampen Pax
2009 Skandalernas Marknadsplats Fagbokforlaget

Scientific Reports

Year Title
2018 Svängdörrarnas förlovade land

Journal Articles

Year Title Journal
2020 The Role of Think Tanks in the Swedish Political Landscape Scandinavian Political Studies
2018 The New Normal: Scandals as a Standard Feature of Political Life in Nordic Countries International Journal of Communication (ISSN 132-8036)
2018 Disclosure of Scandinavian telecom companies' corruption in Uzbekistan European Journal of Communication
2016 Advocay Think Tanks as News Sources and Agenda Setters Politik
2014 Criticism of the police in the news. Nordicom Review

Chapters In Anthologies

Year Title Anthology
2019 New Nordic Noir: Political Scandals as Drama and Media Hunts The Routledge Companion to Media and Scandal
2016 Journalistik som kollektiv nytta Människorna, ederna & marknaden
2016 Nordic Political Scandals: frequency, types and consequences Mediated Scandals – Gründe, Genese und Folgeeffekte von mediale Skandalenberichterstattung
2015 Pr-byråene og politikken Makt, medier og politikk: Norsk politisk kommunikasjon
2015 Politisk journalistikk på norsk: sjangrer og maktrelasjoner Makt, medier og politikk: Norsk politisk kommunikasjon
2015 Foreign Correspondents in Norway: Covering a Small, Rich Country near the Arctic Mapping Foreign Correspondents in Europe

Articles with Sigurd Allern