Anna Roosvall got her PhD at the department for Journalism, Media and Communication, at Stockholm University in 2005. Her doctoral dissertation was about Swedish foreign news and aspects of nationality, ethnicity and gender. She was a post-doc researcher at the same department 2007-2008, with the project "’Around the Globe’: The World Visualized. Religion, Nationality and Gender in the Journalistic Understanding of our Times". She then went on to a post-doc position in Media and Communications at Örebro University 2008-2012, conducting the project "Nation and Globalization in Foreign News. Culture and Politics in the International News Picture Circuit". In 2008 she also started working in the international comparative project/network MediaClimate investigating journalism on the UN climate summits in 20+ countries around the world (still ongoing). In Örebro she was in charge of the Master Program Global Journalism and worked part time as Equality developer. She became Docent in Media and Communication Studies 2011 and got a permenent position as Associate Professor at Örebro University 2012. In Örebro she also conducted the project "The Politics of Place. Ethnicity and Class in Media Representations of Indigenous and Nomadic Minorities". In 2015 she came back to Stockholm Univeristy, where she also became a member of the Environment Board. The same year she took part in the project "Anthropo-scene" ("Människans scen"), a co-operation between SU, Stockholm Environment Institute and the Royal Dramatic Theatre. Since 2016 she is involved in the research project "The Worlds of Cultural Journalism", with Kristina Riegert (head of project) and Andreas Widholm. During the autumn semester 2016 Roosvall was a Visiting Fellow at the Department of Media and Communications at The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). In January 2018 Roosvall became Professor of Media and Communication Studies at Stockholm University. Photo: Svante Emanuelli © 2017

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Research Interests

Anna Roosvall's research is centred on the nation-globalization continuum and issues of justice and solidarity in four related areas: 1) media, climate change and indigenous peoples; 2) foreign news – particularly online news images; 3) mobile minorities, identity, intersectionality and place; 4) cultural journalism, specifically cultural debates about racism, (Swedish) identity and migration.

Roosvall is one of three researchers in the VR funded project The Worlds of Swedish Cultural Journalism (see projects). She is also involved in the international research network MediaClimate, investigating media reporting on climate change, particularly in relation to the UN climate summits, including 20 plus countries from all continents (2008-). The network is headed by Elisabeth Eide (Oslo and Aakershus University College) and Risto Kunelius (Tampere University). An offspring of this work is the research Roosvall does together with Matthew Tegelberg (York University, Toronto) focused on media, indigenous peoples and climate justice. Roosvall was recently involved in a Nordic network on studies of Migration, Memory and Borders, headed by Karina Horsti (2015-2017) and has previously been involved in Nordic research networks on cultural journalism, media and religion, journalism, and visual communication.

Roosvall has published in journals such as International Journal of Communication, International Journal of Cultural Studies, Journalism Practice, Social Semiotics, International Communication Gazette, etc. She co-edited the edited volume Communicating the Nation: National Topographies of Global Media Landscapes with Inka Salovaara (Nordicom, 2010). Roosvall's most recent book is Media and Transnational Climate Justice: Indigenous Activism and Climate Politics (co-written with mattew Tegelberg, published by Peter Lang, 2018), and her most recent article is "Cultural Journalism" (co-written w Kristina Reigert and Andreas Widholm, in Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Communication, 2018).

Roosvall is on the editorial board of Environmental Communication: A Journal of Nature and Culture.

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Ongoing Research

Anna Roosvall’s current research revolves around two main research projects/networks, one concerns cultural journalism, the other climate change reporting in the media.

In the cultural journalism project (, which is focused on democratic, political and globalizing aspects of cultural journalism, she conducts a part study on cultural debate, specifically concerning ethnicity, nationality and identity politics. She is also writing a chapter on the political dimensions of cultural journalism together with Danish colleague Nete Nørgaard Kristensen, in which gender issues, identity politics and specifically #meetoo are focused. Together with her project partners Kristina Riegert and Andreas Widholm she has recently finalized an article on the alleged crisis of cultural journalism from a media ecology perspective, and Widholm and Roosvall are working on an article reporting results from the Swedish SOM-undersökningen on cultural journalism, as perceived and consumed by the public.

The climate change studies are to a large degree conducted in relation to the international MediaClimate research network ( Anna Roosvall & Matthew Tegelberg recently published the book Media and Transnational Climate Justice: Indigenous Activism and Climate Politics (Peter Lang, 2018). At the moment Roosvall, Tegelberg and Florencia Enghel are working on a chapter on media and climate migration, entitled, “Media and climate migration: Transnational and local reporting on vulnerable island communities” to be published in the edited volume Media, Journalism and Disaster Communities (eds.: Thorsen, E. & Matthews, J.; Palgrave Macmillan, forthcoming 2019).

Roosvall is also working on a study on mobile minorities, migration, rights, and (self-)representation in the media, and is continuously writing on human rights, justice and solidarity in relation to the media.

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