Nefeli Theiakou

PhD Student – Fashion Studies

Research Areas


Nefeli Theiakou is a PhD student in Fashion Studies at the Department of Media Studies. Nefeli holds a MA in Fashion Studies from Stockholm University and she received her BA in Architecture from Brighton University in the UK.

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Research Interests

Nefeli’s interests include fashion and sustainability; the globalisation of fashion and international trade; organisation and management of fashion supply chains; as well as consumer theories. In addition, Nefeli’s previous area of study and ongoing interests lie in gender theory and feminist philosophy.

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Ongoing Research

Nefeli’s doctoral research is deeply informed on current and relevant issues that affect society and the field of fashion. With the working title “Sustainability in a post-pandemic era. Onshoring and Reshoring in the fashion industry” this upcoming project will be a case study focusing on the possible effects of bringing the manufacturing and sourcing of fashion back to the West. With reshoring and onshorring expected to grow after the pandemic, it is important to examine how this can be applied to European and American fashion companies.

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