BA in Cinema Studies, Stockholm University

MA in Cinema Studies, Stockholm University

Emma is a PhD student in Media & Communication at the Department for of Media Studies at Stockholm University since September 2012. Her research is supervised by Professor Alexa Robertson and Associate Professor Trond Lundemo. Emma has been a visiting scholar at University of Oxford (Jan-June 2015) and UC Berkeley (Aug-Dec 2016).

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Audience Studies; STS ‘turn to ontology’; Internet Ethnography and Digital Methods in Social Sciences; Philosophy of Science.

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Ongoing Research

Emma's project intersects three subject areas: audience studies and communication on the internet are brought together by means of a ‘science and technology studies’ (STS) research approach. Emma’s research project explores enactments of audience on the internet. With an interest in the ‘turn to ontology’ in Science and Technology Studies, Emma’s ethnographic research investigates and contributes to discussions of what ’audience’ might be. Her research involves observations of a discussion forum on the internet that discusses the British television series Doctor Who, and interviews with its members.

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