Chris Baumann

PhD Student – Section for Cinema Studies (2013 - 2018)

Chris Baumann is currently not affiliated to the department.


Chris Baumann is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Media Studies at Stockholm University. Chris holds degrees in Film Studies from Newcastle University, and in Cinema Studies from Stockholm University. In early 2017, he was a Visiting Lecturer at Freie Universität Berlin's Institute for Media and Communication Studies, and in 2015 a Visiting Predoctoral Fellow in the Department of Radio/TV/Film at Northwestern University.

Before starting his PhD, Chris functioned as a research assistant for the project "Your Entertainment Set Free?: Connected Viewing in Europe," which was part of the Connected Viewing Initiative, a collaborative research venture based at the Carsey-Wolf Center at the University of California, Santa Barbara in collaboration with Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.

Chris currently serves as a member of the Translation/Publication Committee within the Society for Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS), as well as the network coordinator of the Media Industries Network Europe. Previously, he has functioned as the graduate representative of the Scandinavian Scholarly Interest Group within SCMS, and as the web assistant for NECS—European Network for Cinema and Media Studies.

Chris has acted as an expert commentator for journalistic articles on media and popular culture in Sweden and abroad. He has also been active as a freelance writer, designing learning materials for secondary education.

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Research Interests

Chris Baumann's current research is primarily concerned with digital media technologies, particularly the hardware, software, and interfaces of different streaming video devices, including streaming media players, home media servers, and connected TVs. In his dissertation, Chris approaches these devices through an analytical lens that is informed by the social study of technology—that is he theorizes them as the co-articulation of artifacts, practices, and social arrangements.

In addition to his work on media technologies, Chris is also involved in research projects dealing with issues relating to digital distribution, media access, and geoblocking.

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Doctoral thesis project

Tinker TV: Making Streaming Television Work