Yvonne Andersson

Yvonne Andersson is currently not affiliated to the department.


Yvonne Andersson has a PhD in journalism at the departement of Journalism, Media and Communication (JMK), Stockholm University (2009). Since then, she has been teaching at the departement of Media Studies (IMS), she has given lectures and supervised both bachelor and master students. She is currently working as a researcher and research assistent in the project Existential Terrains, led by associate Professor Amanda Lagerkvist, IMS.

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Research Interests

Yvonne is a PhD in journalism. Her thesis (2009) analyzed the representation of civil disobedience in Swedish daily newspapers from 1995 to 2004 (Mellan lag och moral. Civil olydnad och militanta veganer i fyra svenska dagstidningar åren omkring millennieskiftet). Ethics and the construction of morality is a research interest that also has informed more recent studies about Hitler and Nazism in Swedish journalism (2012) and blogs about life with terminal illness, such as cancer (2012). Media and health is an additional research interest and she has conducted one study of fitness blogs, gender and emotions (published in Hirdman & Kleberg 2015). Media, ethics, health and existential questions converge in her current project; (B)logging through an existential crisis, where the existential dimensions of self logging and self tracking are analyzed and discussed.

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