Books and Anthologies

Year Title Publisher
2017 Ingmar Bergman y sus primeros escritos Shangrila
2017 Harry bit för bit Carlsson Förlag
2010 Ingmar Bergman's The Silence University of Washington Press

Journal Articles

Year Title Journal
2016 ”Reception, Circulation, Desire: Liv Ullmann and the Transnational Journeys of a Scandinavian Actress” Journal of Transnational American Studies

Chapters In Anthologies

Year Title Anthology
2016 ”P(owe)R, Sex, and Mad Men Swedish Style” Swedish Cinema and the Sexual Revolution: Critical Essays
2016 ”The Capital of Scandinavia? Imaginary Cinescapes and the art of creating an appetite for Nordic cinematic spaces” A Companion to Nordic Cinema

Articles with Maaret Koskinen