Kristina Riegert is Professor in Media & Communication Studies, having held a position as Lecturer in Journalism and a PhD in Political Science.

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Research Interests

Kristina Riegert's research interests have focused on factors that are important for how media in various countries represent the world: globalisation, propaganda, war and crisis situations (The Image War: NATO’s Battle for Kosovo in the British Media, 2003), national and regional identities (special issue International Journal of Cultural Studies 2011), links between transnational and national mediated spaces and journalist cultures (Transnational and National Media in Global Crisis, 2010). Most of her work has a comparative national or transnational approach. She subsequently developed an interest in political entertainment as part of the development of reality television (Politicotainment: Television’s Take on the Real, 2007), and in architecture as a vehicle of journalistic credibility in a mobile digital world (see Media Houses: Architecture, Media and the Production of Centrality, 2010). An abiding interest in Lebanon and the MENA-region developed into a project with Arabist Gail Ramsay, on the nature and impact of top bloggers in three Arab mediascapes. This study continues the comparative tradition but departs from the news media to study cultural citizenship and digital media use. A new area of interest is how Swedish cultural journalism in the press, television and radio has reflected globalization processes during the last three decades.

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Ongoing Research

Kristina Riegert has studied the ways that blogs, entertainment television and cultural journalism define and negotiate “the political” in everyday life. A study (together with Arabist Gail Ramsay) of top bloggers in Lebanon, Egypt and Kuwait continued the comparative tradition but focused on cultural citizenship in digital media use. Her two current projects (2016-2019) are both Nordic focused and can be described as studying globalisation from within. In this first, she looks at the contribution of Swedish cultural journalism to democratic discourse and global imagination during the last three decades. In SCANPUB: The immigration issue in the Scandinavian public spheres, the focus is more comparative study on how feature and cultural journalism has dealt with migration to Sweden between 1970-2015.

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