Sven Ross är universitetslektor vid JMK. Han har en fil kand i praktiskt filosofi och har även studerat sociologi. Han disputerade i medie- och kommunikationsvettenskap 2008 med avhandlingen Klasstolkningar: En receptionsanalys av hur klassaspekter uppfattas i Tre kärlekar, Falcon Crest och TV-nyheter.

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Research Interests

Ross’ research has mainly focused on media and social class. First, the class structure of the content of Swedish television was analyzed through content analysis. The main finding was a typical pattern of middle class dominance and symbolic annihilation of working class characters (Ross 1988). Secondly, a study of audience reception of class aspects in television serials and news items was conducted, using both qualitative interviews and a survey. One finding was a tendency to take notice of class on a subconscious level. Class also seems to be less salient in news than in fiction. The results was interpreted both in terms of class (un)consciousness and cognitive processes (Ross 2008, 2011).

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