“Crosscuts Stockholm Environmental Film Festival”


Duration: 2018 – 2019

Research Areas
Cinema Studies, Media and Communication Studies, Anthropology, History, Sociology


Crosscuts festival is a freedom project for film, art and writing in the environmental humanities. The festival transcends boundaries between academic research, filmmaking and activism to create new ideas, practices and social change. By challenging the neglect of filmmaking in the academy, Crosscuts explores film as philosophy and theory equal to, but different from text.

2019 – Ruptured Times The second edition of Crosscuts will take place at Bio Rio in Stockholm, November 22-24. The theme for this year’s festival is “Ruptured Times”. Ruptured times are in-between spaces where the past is not anymore but the future is still to come. Indeed, with the failed promises of globalization, an escalating climate change and dreams of a post-fossil world, we live in ruptured times. Crosscuts 2019 is dedicated to exploring these ruptured times through film, text and discussion. We are looking forward to a program with films and discussion on the Anthropocene, social movements, translation, cites, new and classic materialism, decoloniality, gentrification, radical change, what film is, and much more. The honorary guests of Crosscuts 2019 are the urban scholar and sociologist Saskia Sassen, and the filmmaker and postcolonial writer Trinh T Minh-ha.

In 2019 we will also introduce the Annals of Crosscuts to continue to deepen our engagement with filmic research and theory. Annals is a new peer-reviewed publication format for film-based research. The Annals of Crosscuts is developed to support the use of film and cinema as integral practices in the critical environmental humanities.

The program includes several side events. A PhD course on Democratic Practices, dates 25-27 November, is co-organized with, and led by Henrik Ernstson and the Situated Ecologies Platform. A full Trinh T Minh-ha film retrospective is also co-organized with Cinemateket and takes place at Filmhuset between 24-29 November.

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Miyase Christensen

Miyase Christensen (Ph.D. the University of Texas at Austin) is Professor of Media and Communication Studies at Stockholm University and Affiliated Professor at the Department of Philosophy and History of Technology, Science and Environment, the R... Read more



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