Screening Protest

televisual narratives of dissent across time, space and genre


Duration: 2015 – 2018

Research Areas
Journalism Studies, Media and Communication Studies


The problem of representation at the heart of contemporary societies is double-edged, with both political elites and professional journalists challenged by rebellion in politics, revolution in communication technology and blurred borders. The Screening Protest project brings together political science and media studies perspectives to explore this problem through three studies, comparing mediations of political dissent across time, space and narrative genre.

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About the Members

Karin Becker

Karin Becker is Professor Emerita in Media Studies. Her career began at Indiana University (Ph.D. 1976) and at the University of Iowa, where she taught photojournalism and visual communication before moving to Sweden in 1987. She joined the facul... Read more

Martin Karlsson

Martin Karlsson began his PhD program in Media and Communication Studies at the Department of Media Studies in the autumn of 2015. Martin has a great interest in media, culture and history. He graduated with his Master's thesis Struggling Nation ... Read more

Alexa Robertson

Alexa Robertson is Professor in Media and Communication Studies and docent (associate professor) in Political Science. She does research on global media and cosmopolitanism, with a particular focus on mediations of protest and social inequalities,... Read more


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