The interdisciplinary research project I-Media-Cities aims to develop technology for providing access to the audiovisual collections of cultural institutions, including methods for automatic annotation, and thus facilitating research from a wide range of perspectives on this kind of archive materials. The project is funded by Horizon2020 in the call ”Reflective Societies: Cultural Heritage and European Identities” on the specific topic ”Innovation ecosystems of digital cultural assets”. As the title suggests, I-Media-Cities deals with the subject of cities in moving image media, and Stockholm University’s part in the project involves research on the genre of films known as “city films”, with a particular focus on such films showcasing the city of Stockholm within the collections of the Swedish Film Institute, our local partner in this project. At the end of the three-year project, researchers (primarily) and other potential visitors (secondarily) will be able to view so called city films and related materials from nine European cities (of which Stockholm is one) in e-environments adapted to each user group with advanced search tools, contextualizing materials, and interactive functions.

An important theme in this project, beyond city development and architectural history on film, is the representation of film industry related places and spaces, such as cinemas, in the city films. In the research group there is also an interest for the gendering of urban spaces, and the relationship between city films, masculinity and femininity.

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About the Members

Maaret Koskinen

Maaret Koskinen is professor emeritus in Cinema Studies at the Department of Media Studies, and has been visiting professor at various universities (e.g. Fulbright Fellow at Cornell). Her publications on Ingmar Bergman, authorship, intermediality,... Read more

Ingrid Stigsdotter

Ingrid Stigsdotter completed her university education in the UK, but after finishing her PhD thesis at the University of Southampton in 2008 she returned to Sweden, where she has taught Film Studies and Visual Culture at several different universi... Read more




Bologna, Italy


Bryssel, Belgium


Bologna, Italy

Det danske filminstitut

Köpenhamn, Denmark

Deutsches Filminstitut Filmmuseum

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Filmmuseum Wien

Wien, Austria

Greek Film Archive

Aten, Spain


Bologna, Italy


Bryssel, Belgium

Svenska Filminstitutet

Stockholm, Sweden

Universitat de Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

University of Athens

Aten, Greece

Urban Center

Turin, Italy

For more information, please visit: https://imediacities.eu/