Global Crisis Reporting Through the Amateur Lens


Duration: 2011 – 2013

Research Areas
Media and Communication Studies


This international comparative research project examines how major news organizations and their audiences are responding to the growing availability of user-generated content (with special reference to citizen produced imagery) in crisis reporting in Sweden and the UK. The aims of the project are threefold, namely to examine: 1) the ways in which ordinary citizens´ digital photographs and video footage of specific crisis events (such as accidents, disasters, conflict or war) are being incorporated into news reporting; 2) the perceptions of journalists and editors regarding how the norms and values of professional journalism are changing as a result; and 3) how audiences are responding to the use of this amateur imagery in the news coverage of crisis events. To meet these threefold aims, the project will employ three methodological frameworks: 1) textual and visual analysis of the use of amateur imagery by news organizations in Sweden and the UK in their reporting of unfolding crisis events; 2) semi-structured interviews with journalists and editors employed in Sweden and the UK; and 3) focus groups with members of different news audiences in both countries. In adopting this comparative approach, the project strives to provide conceptually innovative and empirically-grounded findings of interest to a wide range of user groups, including academics, news organizations, policymakers and other interested stakeholders.

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About the Member

Kari Andén-Papadopoulos

Professor i medie- och kommunikationsvetenskap. Disputerade 2000-11-30 vid Stockholms universitet/JMK på avhandlingen Kameran i krig. Den fotografiska iscensättningen av Vietnamkriget i svensk press. Read more