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Involuntary Dogme restrictions: Orca and COVID-19 screen culture



The Swedish film Orca (2020) was both conceived and produced during COVID-19. As such, it is also about the pandemic and its own becoming. Making use of the proliferation of current screen cultures, including the split screen, writer and director Josephine Bornebusch invigorates oldfashioned ensemble acting while also putting current mediality on display.

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    Journal Article (peer reviewed)
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    Journal of Scandinavian Cinema, Vol 11, Issue 2.
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Maaret Koskinen

Maaret Koskinen is professor emeritus in Cinema Studies at the Department of Media Studies, and has been visiting professor at various universities (e.g. Fulbright Fellow at Cornell). Her publications on Ingmar Bergman, authorship, intermediality,... Read more


Koskinen, M. (2021). Involuntary Dogme restrictions: Orca and COVID-19 screen culture. Journal of Scandinavian Cinema, 11(2), pp. 207-215. doi: