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Journalism, Climate Change, Justice and Solidarity: Editorializing the IPCC AR5


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Anna Roosvall

Palgrave Macmillan


Justice is a significant undercurrent in journalism and in international politics on climate change. Yet it is too seldom explicitly discussed or problematized in these contexts. This largely theoretical and explorative chapter heeds the re-thinking of justice, responsibility and solidarity in a globalizing world, as expressed in political philosophy as well as in media studies. The international politics of climate change are most pertinently discussed and evaluated in editorials, which provide the research material for this chapter. In qualitatively examined example editorials from high-income countries, the discourse calls for global action while concurrently applying diverse versions of domestication. The editorials use strong obligation modality language (something “must” be done), refer to responsibility and justice, but do not specify the injustice or what should be done to amend it. The discourse does not (yet) reassess economic privilege or the dynamics of political representation. It is a solidaritarian discourse, but only vaguely so due to lack of specifications.

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Anna Roosvall

Anna Roosvall got her PhD at the department for Journalism, Media and Communication, at Stockholm University in 2005. Her doctoral dissertation was about Swedish foreign news and aspects of nationality, ethnicity and gender. She was a post-doc res... Read more


Roosvall, A. (2016). Journalism, Climate Change, Justice and Solidarity: Editorializing the IPCC AR5. In: E. Eide, R. Kunelius, M. Tegelberg and D. Yagodin, eds., Media and Global Climate Knowledge: Journalism and the IPCC, New York: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 129-150.