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Towards a Political Economy of Communication in Development?



In the development communication equation, whether more theoretical, empirical and analytical attention is given to ‘development’ or to ‘communication’ makes a difference: where the emphasis is on development, it is at the expense of communication. Since communication and media arguably play an increasingly pervasive role in the everyday life of citizens and in the politics, economies and governance of most societies, the characteristics and role of specific forms of applied communication strategies in the context of the neoliberal project merit critical scrutiny. Given a complex global scenario, what can a political economy approach bring into an agenda for the future of development communication as a field of study, a practice and an institutional project? This article outlines ways in which a focus on political economy dimensions may contribute to understanding the obstacles and limits to a transformative practice of international development communication.

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    Journal Article (peer reviewed)
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    Nordicom Review, Issue 36.
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About the Author

Florencia Enghel

I am a Postdoctoral Researcher within the Leading Research Environment "Global Media Studies and the Politics of Mediated Communication". My research has focused on the role of communication in the practice and the project of international develop... Read more


Enghel, F. (2015). Towards a Political Economy of Communication in Development? Nordicom Review, (36), pp. 11-24. Available at: [Accessed 12 Aug. 2022].