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Published Title Type Authors
2022 Jacobi's Burden: "Jewish" Figurations in Fanny och Alexander Book Chapter Jonathan Rozenkrantz
2022 Missionaries of Excellence? Post-award Role Orientations of Journalism Prize Winners Journal Article Joy Kibarabara
2022 Parasitic news: Adoption and adaption of journalistic conventions in political communication Journal Article Mattias Ekman, Andreas Widholm
2022 Hur vet medierna?: Källkritik och desinformation i bevakningen av kriget i Ukraina 2022 Book Chapter Gunnar Nygren, Andreas Widholm
2022 Narrating “Their War” and “Our War”: The Patriotic Journalism Paradigm in the Context of Swedish and Ukrainian Conflict Coverage Journal Article Gunnar Nygren, Dariya Orlova, Nina Springer, Daria Taradai, Andreas Widholm
2022 Managing Public Service: The Harmonization of Datafication and Managerialism in the Development of a News-Sorting Algorithm Journal Article Jörgen Rahm-Skågeby, Torbjörn Rolandsson, Andreas Widholm
2022 Queer Turns in Middle Age: the solution to Hollywood's post-40 syndrome? Conference Paper Esmé Fransen
2022 Kulturjournalistikens roller i den digitala medieekologin Book Chapter Andreas Widholm
2022 Medielandskapets förändringar och kulturjournalistikens kriser Book Chapter Andreas Widholm
2022 Kulturjournalistikens världar: Om kulturbevakningens politiska, globala och digitala dimensioner. Anthology Kristina Riegert, Anna Roosvall, Andreas Widholm
2022 Reporting Fashion: Fashioning Moving Images from Newsfilms to Web Series Book Chapter Elizabeth Castaldo Lundén
2022 A softer kind of hard news?: Data journalism and the digital renewal of public service news in Sweden Journal Article Ester Appelgren, Andreas Widholm
2022 Screen decorum: Silent Hollywood and neoclassical concepts of acting Journal Article Doron Galili
2022 Be Gay, Do Crime? The Construction of Ocean’s 8 as a Lesbian Heist Movie. Conference Paper Esmé Fransen
2022 What Was Your Question?: Deciphering How the Digital Humanities Can Aid the Study of Fashion Conference Paper Elizabeth Castaldo Lundén
2022 Branding the Oscarcast: The public relations strategies that established the Academy Awards ceremony as a media spectacle Journal Article Elizabeth Castaldo Lundén
2022 The great replacement: Strategic mainstreaming of far-right conspiracy claims Journal Article Mattias Ekman
2022 Modern Minotaurs: Surrealism, Myth, and Magic in the 1930s Book Chapter Kristoffer Noheden
2022 Spectacular Costume Design: The Dialectics of Above-the-line Recognition and Below-the-line Labour Conference Paper Elizabeth Castaldo Lundén
2022 The Precariousness of Jewish Visibility: Surviving Antisemitism in Swedish Cinema Journal Article Jonathan Rozenkrantz