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Published Title Type Authors
2013 "The Language of Luxury in Eighteenth-Century France" Book Chapter Paula von Wachenfeldt
2013 I fiktionens gömmor döljer sig en modeskatt Journal Article Paula von Wachenfeldt
2013 Trans Identities as Effect and Otherness Book Chapter Louise Wallenberg
2013 Confused and Mixed Shanghai: På turer i det retromoderna Book Chapter Amanda Lagerkvist
2013 Seeing It for What It Is: Fashion Photography, Phallocentrism, and Feminist Critique Book Chapter Louise Wallenberg
2013 Career History, Industry History, and the Problem of Uncertainty: George Kleine and the American Film Industry, 1890–1920 Conference Paper Joel Frykholm
2013 Den befläckade avlelsen: Det monstruöst heliga i Andrzej Żuławskis Possession Book Chapter Kristoffer Noheden
2013 The privatization of development through global communication industries: Living Proof? Journal Article Florencia Enghel, Wilkins, Karin
2013 I gränslandet: Nya perspektiv på film och modernism Anthology Daniel Brodén, Kristoffer Noheden
2013 New Nordic journalism research: Challenges and perspectives Anthology Sigurd Allern, Henrik Bødker, Martin Eide, Epp Lauk, Ester Pollack
2013 Transition and Transformation: Victor Sjöström in Hollywood 1923-1930 Book Bo Florin
2013 Wave-Riding and Hashtag-Jumping: Twitter, Minority "Third Parties" and the 2012 US Elections Journal Article Christian Christensen
2013 Kattunspår: Böndernas kattuner i Härjedalen 1750-1850 Book Chapter Marie Tengroth Ulväng
2013 Skinnkläder höll omänskligt länge: Klädekonomi och klädkultur i Härjedalen under 1800-talet. Book Chapter Marie Tengroth Ulväng
2013 The Arab Spring as Meta-Event and Communicative Spaces Journal Article Christian Christensen, Miyase Christensen
2013 @Sweden: Curating a Nation on Twitter Journal Article Christian Christensen
2013 “Intermedial Thought in Classical Film Theory: Balázs, Arnheim, and Benjamin on Film and Radio” Journal Article Doron Galili
2012 Misframing the Messenger: Scales of Justice, Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Media Coverage of Arctic Indigenous Peoples and Climate Change Book Chapter Anna Roosvall
2012 (Pro)Creative Encounters: From Photo-Painting to Video-Film Journal Article Jonathan Rozenkrantz
2012 Don't Censor Censorship: Why Transparency is Essential for Democratic Discourse Book Chapter Grady Johnson, James Losey