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Published Title Type Authors
2012 Consuming Fashion Photography: Sex, Abjection and Spaghetti Conference Paper Lauren Downing Peters
2012 Understanding the democratic capacity of networked communications Conference Paper James Losey, Amit Schejter
2012 Gunnar Iversen: Norsk filmhistorie Journal Article Joel Frykholm
2012 Review of "On Media Memory: Collective Memory in a New Media Age" Journal Article Amanda Lagerkvist
2012 Bloggarna och döden Book Chapter Yvonne Andersson
2012 Fashionably Fatshionable: A Consideration of the Dress Practices of Self-Proclaimed Fat Women Conference Paper Lauren Downing Peters
2012 Nordic Fashion Studies Anthology Peter McNeil, Louise Wallenberg
2012 Scandalous!: The Mediated Construction of Political Scandals in Four Nordic Countries Anthology Sigurd Allern, Ester Pollack
2012 A Cinema of Presence and Proximity: Gunvor Nelson’s Collage Films and the Aesthetics of the Signaletic Material before the Electronic Signal Journal Article John Sundholm
2012 Covering Assange: Taking our Eyes off the Prize Journal Article Christian Christensen
2012 The production of pro-suicide content on the Internet: A counter-discourse activity Journal Article Michael Westerlund
2012 Att önska dö: Samtal om självmord på internet Book Chapter Michael Westerlund
2012 Assemblage, Adaptation and Apps: Smartphones and Mobile Gaming Journal Article Christian Christensen
2012 Thoughts on States, Revolutions and Liberation Technologies Journal Article Christian Christensen
2012 Local Showmanship in the Early Feature Era: The Case of Stanley Mastbaum Book Chapter Joel Frykholm
2011 Competitive Television Management: A Case Study of the Management of Swedish Television 1997-2000 Doctoral Thesis Johan Lindén
2011 Digital Feudalism: Enclosures and Erasures from the Digital Rights Management to the Digital Divide Journal Article Sascha D. Meinrath, James Losey, Victor Pickard
2011 Amateur Images and Global News Anthology Kari Andén-Papadopoulos, Mervi Pantti
2011 Selling, Blogging and Dressing Vintage: The Brooklyn Flea and modes of vintage consumption Conference Paper Lauren Downing Peters
2011 Tears on the screen: Bodily emotionalism in Reality-Tv Journal Article Anja Hirdman