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Published Title Type Authors
2011 The Limits of the New Public Diplomacy: Strategic communication and evaluation at the U.S. State Department, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, British Council, Swedish Foreign Ministry and Swedish Institute Doctoral Thesis James Pamment
2011 Fjernsynsvalgkampen: Program, deltakere og maktkamp 1961-2009 Book Sigurd Allern
2011 The Cultural Policies of Minor Cinema Practices: The Swedish Film Workshop during its First Years Journal Article Lars Gustaf Andersson, John Sundholm
2011 Visions of Transnational Memory Journal Article John Sundholm
2011 What is Threatening the West? Islam/Communism, Religion/Politics and the Rational/Irrational Discourse Book Chapter Anna Roosvall
2011 Media, Popular Culture, and the American Century Anthology Kingsley Bolton, Jan Olsson
2011 Discourses of Technology and Liberation: State Aid to Net Activists in an Era of Twitter Revolutions. Journal Article Christian Christensen
2011 The Everyday War: Iraq, YouTube and the Banal Spectacle Book Chapter Christian Christensen
2011 “L’histoire des débuts de la television et les théories modernes de la vision,” in Gilles Delavaud and Denis Maréchal, eds. Télévision: le moment experimental, 1935-1955 (, 2011), 139-150. Book Chapter Doron Galili
2011 “Television from Afar: Arnheim’s Understanding of Media” Book Chapter Doron Galili
2010 Film Workshops as Polyvocal Public Spheres: Minor Cinemas in Sweden Journal Article Lars Gustaf Andersson, John Sundholm
2010 Vision and intimacy: Gendered communication online Journal Article Anja Hirdman
2010 Mediated Cosmopolitanism: the world of television news Book Alexa Robertson
2010 Communicating politics - theoretical perspectives Book Chapter Anna Edin, Kristina Widestedt
2010 Book Review: “Fresh Wind: The First Zionist Film in Palestine” Journal Article Doron Galili
2010 The Cultural Trauma Process, or the Ethics and Mobility of Memory Book Chapter John Sundholm
2010 Självmord och Internet: Kommunikation om ett livsfarligt ämne: Kommunikation om ett livsfarligt ämne Doctoral Thesis Michael Westerlund
2010 The Future is Here: Media, Memory and Futurity in Shanghai Journal Article Amanda Lagerkvist
2010 A History of Swedish Experimental Film: From Early Animation to Video Art Book Lars Gustaf Andersson, John Sundholm, Astrid Söderbergh Widding
2010 A Virtual America: Americans and ‘American’ Spaces in New Shanghai Journal Article Amanda Lagerkvist