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Published Title Type Authors
2009 Exploring qualitative sharing practices of social metadata: expanding the attention economy Journal Article Jörgen Rahm-Skågeby
2009 Mode, makar och masker Book Chapter Louise Wallenberg
2009 Representation Book Chapter Louise Wallenberg
2009 Straight Heroes with Queer Inclinations Book Chapter Louise Wallenberg
2009 Global Divides in Cosmographic Genres: Charity, Solidarity and Different Explanations of Difference Journal Article Anna Roosvall
2009 Stellar Encounters: Stardom in Popular European Cinema Anthology Tytti Soila
2009 Fashion: Critical and Primary Sources Anthology Peter McNeil
2009 Journalistik och mångfald Book Gunilla Hultén
2009 The role of the Internet in suicide prevention Book Chapter Danuta Wasserman, Michael Westerlund
2009 YouTube: The Evolution of Media? Book Chapter Christian Christensen
2009 The Everyday after 9/11: Cycles and Details Journal Article Christian Christensen
2009 The role of mass-media in suicide prevention Book Chapter Sylvia Schaller, Armin Schmidtke, Michael Westerlund
2009 Political Documentary, Online Organization and Activist Synergies Journal Article Christian Christensen
2009 Jesters and Journalists Journal Article Christian Christensen
2008 Cosmopolitanization and Real Time Tragedy: television news coverage of the Asian tsunami Journal Article Alexa Robertson
2008 Media Crisis Decision Making: A Case Study of SR (Swedish Radio), SVT (Swedish Television) and TV4 Doctoral Thesis Eva-Karin Olsson
2008 Klasstolkningar: En receptionsanalys av hur klassaspekter uppfattas i Tre kärlekar, Falcon Crest och TV-nyheter Doctoral Thesis Sven Ross
2008 TV-pionjärer och fria filmare Book Malin Wahlberg
2008 Televiserad verklighet och emotionernas betydelse Book Chapter Anja Hirdman
2008 British Audiences and Approaches to European Cinema: Four Case Studies of Responses to French and Swedish Film in the UK Today Doctoral Thesis Ingrid Stigsdotter