Journal Articles

Published Title Journal Authors
2013 “Intermedial Thought in Classical Film Theory: Balázs, Arnheim, and Benjamin on Film and Radio” The Germanic Review Doron Galili
2013 Wave-Riding and Hashtag-Jumping: Twitter, Minority "Third Parties" and the 2012 US Elections Information, Communication and Society Christian Christensen
2013 @Sweden: Curating a Nation on Twitter Popular Communication: The International Journal of Media and Culture Christian Christensen
2013 The Arab Spring as Meta-Event and Communicative Spaces Television & New Media Christian Christensen, Miyase Christensen
2012 (Pro)Creative Encounters: From Photo-Painting to Video-Film Film International Jonathan Rozenkrantz
2012 9.11 in Sweden: Commemoration at Electronic Sites of Memory Television and New Media Amanda Lagerkvist
2012 Narratives of Resistance: comparing global news coverage of the Arab Spring New Global Studies Alexa Robertson
2012 Understanding Accumulation: The Relevance of Marx’s Theory of Primitive Accumulation in Media and Communication Studies. TripleC: Communication, Capitalism & Critique Mattias Ekman
2012 Gunnar Iversen: Norsk filmhistorie Norsk medietidsskrift Joel Frykholm
2012 Review of "On Media Memory: Collective Memory in a New Media Age" Nordicom Information Amanda Lagerkvist
2012 A Cinema of Presence and Proximity: Gunvor Nelson’s Collage Films and the Aesthetics of the Signaletic Material before the Electronic Signal Journal of Aesthetics and Culture John Sundholm
2012 Thoughts on States, Revolutions and Liberation Technologies Irish Studies in International Affairs Christian Christensen
2012 The production of pro-suicide content on the Internet: A counter-discourse activity New Media and Society Michael Westerlund
2012 Assemblage, Adaptation and Apps: Smartphones and Mobile Gaming Continuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies Christian Christensen
2012 Covering Assange: Taking our Eyes off the Prize British Journalism Review Christian Christensen
2011 Digital Feudalism: Enclosures and Erasures from the Digital Rights Management to the Digital Divide CommLaw Conspectus: The Journal of Communications Law and Policy. Sascha D. Meinrath, James Losey, Victor Pickard
2011 Tears on the screen: Bodily emotionalism in Reality-Tv Observatorioe Anja Hirdman
2011 Introduction: On Photography, History and Memory in Spain Hispanic Issues Online Debates Maria Nilsson
2011 Book review: Film Festival Yearbook 1 and 2 Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television Ingrid Stigsdotter
2011 A Growing Digital Divide: Internet freedom and the negative impact of command-and-control networking IEEE Internet Computing Sascha D. Meinrath, Benjamin Lennett, James Losey