Journal Articles

Published Title Journal Authors
2007 The Material and the Mimetic: Gunvor Nelson’s Personal Film-making Framework: The Journal of Cinema and Media John Sundholm
2007 Book Review: Moving Image Technology from Zoetrope to Digital” The Moving Image Doron Galili
2007 Hitchcocks nya look: Diors silhuetter i spänningsmästarens öga FLM Louise Wallenberg
2007 Cowboys are secretly frequently fond of each other: Brokeback Mountain och buddy-relationens homoerotik Häften för kritiska studier Louise Wallenberg
2007 Gazing at Pudong—’With a Drink in Your Hand’: Time Travel, Mediation, and Multisensuous Immersion in the Future City of Shanghai Senses and Society Amanda Lagerkvist
2006 A Photographer's Vision of the Transition: An Interview with Pilar Aymerich Arizona Journal of Hispanic Cultural Studies Maria Nilsson
2006 "Wonders of Cinematic Abstraction": "J.C. Mol and the Aesthetic Experience of Science Film" Screen Malin Wahlberg
2006 Contemporary Cinematic Work from Finland: The Non-place of Cinema and Identity New Cinemas: Journal of Contemporary Film John Sundholm
2005 Journalists, Narratives of European Enlargement and the Man-on-the Sofa Statsvetenskaplig Tidskrift Alexa Robertson
2005 ’I am a Rhinoceros’: Memory and the Ethics and Aesthetics of Materiality in Film Studies in European Cinema John Sundholm
2004 Against the Grain: Photojournalism in Transition-era Spain Journalism Maria Nilsson
2004 ’We See America’: Mediatized and Mobile Gazes in Swedish Post-war Travelogues International Journal of Cultural Studies Amanda Lagerkvist
2001 Going Nowhere: : Photographic Representations of Tourists in Small World by Martin Parr Journeys Maria Nilsson
2000 Stilleristic Women: Gender Ambivalence in the Films of Mauritz Stiller Aura Louise Wallenberg
2000 Queerfilmens nya våg Bang Louise Wallenberg
1998 Male Norms and Female Forms: The Visual Representation of Men and Women in Press Images 1925,1955 and 1987 Nordicom Review Anja Hirdman
1995 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid: En antipatriarkal film Häften för kritiska studier Louise Wallenberg