Journal Articles

Published Title Journal Authors
2016 ”Reception, Circulation, Desire: Liv Ullmann and the Transnational Journeys of a Scandinavian Actress” Journal of Transnational American Studies Maaret Koskinen
2015 Newsroom divides: Online news production, gender, and organization at Communication Papers (Media Literacy & Gender Studies) Gunilla Hultén
2015 Authorial self-fashioning in Jörn Donner's Naisenkuvia/Portraits of Women (1970) Journal of Scandinavian Cinema Anu Koivunen
2015 #banksyinstockholm: The Politics of Street Art and Spatiality Observatorio (OBS*) Tindra Thor
2015 E-Reading and the Christian Bible Studies in Religion / Sciences Religieuses Timothy Hutchings
2015 Spaces of Becoming: The Stockholm Film Workshop as a Transnational Site of Film Production Transnational Cinemas Lars Gustaf Andersson, John Sundholm
2015 The Passion of Mediated Shame: Affective reactivity and classed otherness in reality TV European Journal of Cultural Studies Anja Hirdman
2015 Not Good Enough?: Amateur Images in the Regular News Flow of Print and Online Newspapers Journalism Practice Maria Nilsson, Ingela Wadbring
2015 Surveillance of Communications: A Legitimization Crisis and the Need for Transparency International Journal of Communication James Losey
2015 The Political in Cultural Journalism: Fragmented interpretative communities in the digital age Journalism Practice Kristina Riegert, Anna Roosvall, Andreas Widholm
2015 Politicians as Media Producers: Current trajectories in the relation between journalists and politicians in the age of social media Journalism Practice Mattias Ekman, Andreas Widholm
2015 Celebrating with the celebrities: Television in public space during two royal weddings Celebrity Studies Karin Becker, Andreas Widholm
2015 Across Boundaries – Strategies of Silence and Sound in Sjöström's A Lady to Love (1930) European Journal of Scandinavian Studies Bo Florin
2015 “Skybooks: Skywide Projection and Media Mythology”: co-authored with Yuri Tsivian New Review of Film and Television Studies Doron Galili
2015 “Tom Swift’s Three Inventions of Television: Technological Imaginary and Media History” VIEW Journal of European Television History and Culture Doron Galili
2015 Art film in prime time: Educational programming, cultural heritage and experimental images in early Swedish television Journal for Scandinavian Cinema Malin Wahlberg
2015 The Brooklyn Flea: A Model for Counter Consumption? Journal of Design Strategies Lauren Downing Peters
2015 The Political in Cultural Journalism: Fragmented Interpretative Communities in the Digital Age Journalism Practice Kristina Riegert, Anna Roosvall, Andreas Widholm
2015 Political parallelism and the case of women in management positions in public media in Poland: An ethnographic study Communication Papers. Media Literacy & Gender Studies Greta Gober
2015 The beginnings of the cinema in England 1894–1901, volumes I–V (book review) Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television Gert Jan Harkema