Journal Articles

Published Title Journal Authors
2016 The Taste of the Good Life. Representations of Luxury in Swedish Media Luxury: History, Culture, Consumption Paula von Wachenfeldt
2016 Just doing gender?: Transvestism and the Power of Underdoing Gender in Everyday Life and Work Organization Torkild Thanem, Louise Wallenberg
2016 Media Futures: Premediation and the Politics of Performative Prototypes First Monday Jörgen Rahm-Skågeby
2016 Sexual Politics, Organizational Practices: Interrogating Queer Theory, Work and Organization Gender, work & organization Allison Pullen, Torkild Thanem, Melissa Tyler, Louise Wallenberg
2016 Religion, Globalization and Commodification in Online World News Slideshows: The Dis/Connection of Images and Texts Social Semiotics Anna Roosvall
2016 Postscript: Queer Endings/Queer beginnings Gender, work & organization Allison Pullen, Torkild Thanem, Melissa Tyler, Louise Wallenberg
2016 ”Reception, Circulation, Desire: Liv Ullmann and the Transnational Journeys of a Scandinavian Actress” Journal of Transnational American Studies Maaret Koskinen
2015 Newsroom divides: Online news production, gender, and organization at Communication Papers (Media Literacy & Gender Studies) Gunilla Hultén
2015 Authorial self-fashioning in Jörn Donner's Naisenkuvia/Portraits of Women (1970) Journal of Scandinavian Cinema Anu Koivunen
2015 #banksyinstockholm: The Politics of Street Art and Spatiality Observatorio (OBS*) Tindra Thor
2015 E-Reading and the Christian Bible Studies in Religion / Sciences Religieuses Timothy Hutchings
2015 Spaces of Becoming: The Stockholm Film Workshop as a Transnational Site of Film Production Transnational Cinemas Lars Gustaf Andersson, John Sundholm
2015 The Passion of Mediated Shame: Affective reactivity and classed otherness in reality TV European Journal of Cultural Studies Anja Hirdman
2015 Not Good Enough?: Amateur Images in the Regular News Flow of Print and Online Newspapers Journalism Practice Maria Nilsson, Ingela Wadbring
2015 Surveillance of Communications: A Legitimization Crisis and the Need for Transparency International Journal of Communication James Losey
2015 The Political in Cultural Journalism: Fragmented interpretative communities in the digital age Journalism Practice Kristina Riegert, Anna Roosvall, Andreas Widholm
2015 Celebrating with the celebrities: Television in public space during two royal weddings Celebrity Studies Karin Becker, Andreas Widholm
2015 Politicians as Media Producers: Current trajectories in the relation between journalists and politicians in the age of social media Journalism Practice Mattias Ekman, Andreas Widholm
2015 Across Boundaries – Strategies of Silence and Sound in Sjöström's A Lady to Love (1930) European Journal of Scandinavian Studies Bo Florin
2015 “Tom Swift’s Three Inventions of Television: Technological Imaginary and Media History” VIEW Journal of European Television History and Culture Doron Galili