Chapters In Anthologies

Published Title Anthology Authors
2020 Cosmopolitanism in the Anthropocene: - The Sage Handbook of Media & Migration Miyase Christensen
2019 Användningen av digitala arkiv inom humaniora Humanistiska fakulteten 1919-2019: Nedslag i Humaniora Elizabeth Castaldo Lundén
2019 Charlie Chan’s Last Mystery, or, the Transcultural Disappearance of Warner Oland Nordic Film Cultures and Cinemas of Elsewhere Kim Khavar Fahlstedt
2019 Let us roam the night together: Articulation and Representation in Tongues Untied and Moonlight Hollywood at the Intersection of Identity Louise Wallenberg
2019 ’One should always be able to do something’: Social Engineering and Organization in the Family Politics of Alva Myrdal Women Writers in Organization Studies Torkild Thanem, Louise Wallenberg
2019 Ingmar Bergman - minne, arkiv, arkeologi Ingmar Bergman mellan teori och praktik. Reflektioner av forskare och konstnärer Maaret Koskinen
2019 Allt mer tolkande journalistik: Subjektivitet, åsikter och känslor i nyhetsmedierna Nyheter – allt mer en tolkningsfråga: Mediestudiers innehållsanalys 2007-2018 Anna Roosvall, Andreas Widholm
2019 Passageraren, eller hur jag tycker det är att resa Apropå Eric M. Nilsson. En antologi om Eric M. Nilssons filmer Malin Wahlberg
2019 Fil(m)osofiska valfrändskaper. Eric M. Nilsson och Lars Gyllensten Apropå Eric M. Nilssson. En antologi om Eric M. Nilssons filmer Maaret Koskinen
2019 Broadcasting Against the Grain: The Contradictory Roles of RT in Global Media Age Transnational Media: Concepts and Cases Liudmila Voronova, Andreas Widholm
2019 New Nordic Noir: Political Scandals as Drama and Media Hunts The Routledge Companion to Media and Scandal Sigurd Allern, Ester Pollack
2019 Костюмы у Бергмана: очевидный гендер, неясный пол Грани таланта. К 100-летию Ингмара Бергмана. Москва Louise Wallenberg
2019 Magic The International Encyclopedia of Surrealism Kristoffer Noheden
2019 Myth The International Encyclopedia of Surrealism Kristoffer Noheden
2019 Expo Aleby, 1949: Wilhelm Freddie, Gösta Kriland, and Surrealist Magic Art in Stockholm A Cultural History of the Avant-Garde in the Nordic Countries, 1925-1950 Kristoffer Noheden
2018 Moving Mountains: Cinema, Deep Time, and Climate Change in Hanna Ljungh’s I am Mountain, to Measure Impermanence Nordic Narratives of Nature and the Environment - Ecocritical Approaches to Northern European Literatures and Cultures Anna Sofia Rossholm
2018 Anonymous Urban Disruptions: Exploring Banksy as Artistic Activist and Social Critic Postcolonial Intellectuals in Europe: Critics, Artists, Movements, and their Publics Tindra Thor
2018 Witnessing AIDS in the Archive A Visual History of HIV/AIDS: Exploring the Face of AIDS Archive Anna Sofia Rossholm, Beate Schirrmacher
2018 Breaking news from Petrograd, 1917: Remediated revolution as popular history. Screening Protest Kristina Widestedt
2018 Introduction Fashion and Modernism Andrea Kollnitz, Louise Wallenberg