Chapters In Anthologies

Published Title Anthology Authors
2014 Alltid redan en aktivitet: åskådarskap och estetiska lärprocesser Konst och lärande: essäer om estetiska lärprocesser Marta Mund, Jonathan Rozenkrantz
2014 Euromedia: Integration and Cultural Diversity in a Changing Media Landscape Global Communication, 3rd edition Alexa Robertson
2014 Foreign News: A Flagship of the Nation in an Age of Globalization Imagined Identities: Identity Formation in the Age of Globalization Anna Roosvall
2014 'Performed live and talking. No kinematograph.' Amateur performances of tableaux vivants and local film exhibition in Germany around 1900. Performing New Media, 1890–1915. Daniel Wiegand
2014 Allvarsamma lekar: Receptionen av Play och "lilla hjärtat" Den nya svenska filmen: Kultur, kriminalitet och kakofoni Ingrid Stigsdotter
2014 A vulnerable diversity: Perspectives on cultural diversity polices in Swedish public service media National Conversations: Public Service Media and Cultural Diversity in Europe Gunilla Hultén
2014 Children’s well-being and communication Handbook of Child Well-Being: Theories, Methods and Policies in Global Perspective Florencia Enghel
2013 Finland at War on Screen since 1989. Prosthetic Memory and Affirmative Historiography European Cultural Memory Post-89 John Sundholm
2013 Stories of National and Transnational Memory. Renegotiating the Finnish Conception of Moral Witness and National Victimhood Finland’s Holocaust: History and Silence John Sundholm
2013 Communication, development and social change: future agendas Global Communication: New Agendasin Communication Florencia Enghel
2013 Internet Freedom, Nuanced Digital Divide, and the Internet Craftsman The Digital Divide: The Internet and Social Inequality in International Perspective Sascha D. Meinrath, Benjamin Lennett, James Losey
2013 "The Language of Luxury in Eighteenth-Century France" Fashion in Popular Culture. Literature, Media and Contemporary Studies Paula von Wachenfeldt
2013 Trans Identities as Effect and Otherness Sonja Nilsson Louise Wallenberg
2013 Confused and Mixed Shanghai: På turer i det retromoderna Bussen är budskapet: Modernitet, mobilitet, materialitet Amanda Lagerkvist
2013 Seeing It for What It Is: Fashion Photography, Phallocentrism, and Feminist Critique Fashion in Popular Culture: Literature, Media and Contemporary Studies Louise Wallenberg
2013 Den befläckade avlelsen: Det monstruöst heliga i Andrzej Żuławskis Possession I gränslandet: Nya perspektiv på film och modernism Kristoffer Noheden
2012 Misframing the Messenger: Scales of Justice, Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Media Coverage of Arctic Indigenous Peoples and Climate Change Media Meets Climate: The Global Challenge for Journalism Anna Roosvall
2012 Don't Censor Censorship: Why Transparency is Essential for Democratic Discourse GIS Watch: The Internet and Corruption Grady Johnson, James Losey
2012 Moderna Malmö Skosmörja eller arkivdokument? Om och den digitala filmkulturen Ingrid Stigsdotter
2012 Media Cultures and Cosmopolitan Connections Handbook of Cosmopolitan Studies Alexa Robertson