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Global Online News from a Russian Viewpoint

By Andreas Widholm

This chapter explores how the Russian global news broadcaster RT constructed the crisis in Ukraine during the summer of 2014 in light of theories o... Read more

Personalized scandalization: Sensationalizing trivial conflicts?

By Ester Pollack

This chapter discusses political scandals in Nordic countries, with a focus on recent scandals concerning norm transgressions related to the person... Read more


By Kristina Riegert

Politicotainment focuses on how political life is interpreted, negotiated, and represented by television entertainment, in particular by drama seri... Read more

Media Houses

By Staffan Ericson, Kristina Riegert

In much recent theory, the media are described as ephemeral, ubiquitous, and de-localized. Yet the activity of modern media can be traced to spatia... Read more

Online Territories

By Miyase Christensen, Christian Christensen, André Jansson

Online Territories brings key research and writings in the interdisciplinary study of new media and society together to answer questions arising fr... Read more

Media, Surveillance and Identity

By Miyase Christensen, André Jansson

How do individuals perceive the increasingly open-ended nature of mediated surveillance? In what ways are mediated surveillance practices interwove... Read more

Memory Work: The Theory and Practice of Memory

By Andreas Kitzmann, Conny Mithander, John Sundholm

Media and Transnational Climate Justice: Indigenous Activism and Climate Politics

By Anna Roosvall, Matthew Tegelberg

Media and Transnational Climate Justice captures the intriguing nexus of globalization, crisis, justice, activism and news communication, at a time... Read more