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The Struggles of the Remote Scholar

By Elizabeth Castaldo Lundén

CANCELLED DUE TO COVID19 *Roundtable * CANCELLED DUE TO COVID19 Chairs: Elizabeth Castaldo Lundén (Stockholm University) and Nadi Tofighian (Sto... Read more

Screening Protest

By Alexa Robertson

Screening Protest brings together a range of scholarly perspectives on the study of protest mediations on television and in film. Arguing that the ... Read more


By Elizabeth Castaldo Lundén

This special issue belongs to a series of activities under the umbrella denomination “Studying and Exploring the Intersections of Fashion, Film, an... Read more

Possessed by Bugs Bunny: Animals and Ecology in Chicago Surrealism

By Kristoffer Noheden

Soon after its foundation in 1965, the Surrealist Group of Chicago adopted Bugs Bunny as its trickster-avatar. In 1968, the group inaugurated their... Read more

Painting the City

By Tindra Thor

Understanding everyday urban practices as performative, political, and potentially transformative, this dissertation aims to explore how graffiti- ... Read more

Locating Plus-Size: The Shifting Meanings and Uses of Fashion's Most Contested Term

By Lauren Downing Peters

The phrase plus-size rests on uneven terrain. At once it is a functional term, which saw its first uses in the 1940s, and which has historically be... Read more

"Not So Simple"

By Chiara Faggella

How did Italy start to become a reputable country of origin for couture and fashion merchandise? Scholars seem to agree that a Florentine commissio... Read more

Arctic Geopolitics, Media and Power

By Miyase Christensen, Annika E. Nilsson

Reviews 'This book is a must read for all interested in the development of the Arctic. Investigating international media and how they frame the un... Read more