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Ekonomisk kulturhistoria

By Klas Nyberg

Det svenska 1700-talets kulturhistoria var inte bara estetisk, den var också materiell. Boken fokuserar på en förbisedd men central aspekt av 1700-... Read more

New Nordic journalism research

By Sigurd Allern, Henrik Bødker, Martin Eide, Epp Lauk, Ester Pollack

Det nordiska nätverket för journalistikforskning, finansierat av NordForsk mellan åren 2009 och 2013 och initierat av Institutionen för mediestudie... Read more

Minne, medier och materialitet

By Trond Lundemo

Historiemedvetandet har skiftat mellan olika tider beroende på sociala, ekonomiska, politiska och teknologiska villkor. Dessa skiften har sin grund... Read more

Chinatown Film Culture

By Kim Khavar Fahlstedt

This study investigates film culture in San Francisco's Chinatown between the years 1906 and 1915. While Chinatowns have figured in several studies... Read more

The Grand Interruption

By Yvonne Andersson, Amanda Lagerkvist

This essay aims to shed light on two online phenomena dominated by women in the contemporary Swedish context—blogs about terminal illness and suppo... Read more


By Amanda Lagerkvist

This dissertation examines the construction of an imaginary America in Swedish travel writing from 1945 to 1963. By placing focus on the intersecti... Read more

The Investigating Power

By Magnus Danielson

Journalism is one of many institutions dealing with transgressions at a societal level. This dissertation is partly about how it has come to occupy... Read more

Mellan lag och moral

By Yvonne Andersson

The main purpose of the dissertation is to describe how four Swedish newspapers construct ethical standpoints and what norms they prescribe. This i... Read more

Självmord och Internet: Kommunikation om ett livsfarligt ämne

By Michael Westerlund

With suicide still a taboo subject in contemporary society, websites and discussion forums on the Internet have become an important and controversi... Read more

Europe in Transition

By Andreas Widholm

Over the last two decades, Europe has experienced profound political transformations, resulting in new challenges for the relationship between nati... Read more

The Impact of Grief

By Anette Forsberg

The aim of the thesis is to investigate the experiences of mourners of participating in news reports about grief in connection with crime and accid... Read more

The Global Justice Movement in Swedish media

By Mattias Ekman

The mobilisations against global summits towards the end of the last millennium, and the creation of the World Social Forum (WSF) in 2001, made an ... Read more