Möt våra forskare

Andreas Widholm

Andreas Widholm is Associate Professor of journalism in the Department of Media Studies at Stockholm University, Sweden. He received his PhD from the same department in 2011. His research addresses the relationship between media, politics and culture with a particular focus on journalism and soci... Läs vidare

Erika Theissen Walukiewicz

Documentary film, ethics, care ethics, participation, emotions, representation, long-form factual storytelling.

Nadi Tofighian

Jag forskar och publicerar om tidig film, kolonialhistoria, filmdistribution, Sydostasien, postkolonialism och etnografisk film. Mitt nuvarande forskningsprojekt "Amerikanisering och filmens utveckling i USAs kolonier, 1898-1919" undersöker filmhistoria utifrån perspektiven filmvisning, produktio... Läs vidare

Olivia Eriksson

Eriksson’s research centers around the moving image within an art context. Research interests include the construction of space and questions of migration and displacement in contemporary film installation and gallery film, archival art practices and relational aesthetics.

Marie Tengroth Ulväng

My research interests cover material culture, consumption, livelihood, work, gender, housing and living conditions in a historical perspective. I have recently started a new research project on the production and sale of fashionable clothing for women and manufacturers' strategies to meet market ... Läs vidare

Louise Wallenberg

I am Professor of Fashion Studies at the Centre for Fashion Studies at IMS and I hold a PhD in Cinema Studies from Stockholm University (2002). My research has so far focused on issues dealing with gender, sexuality, class and ethnicity in cinema and fashion, as well as in organization and manage... Läs vidare

Möt våra doktorander

Tom Buurman Matheus

Former Radio Netherlands Worldwide journalist who ended up doing reseearch on media and the environment. Ba. in journalism from the Windesheim University of ... Läs vidare

Joy Kibarabara

Joy is a doctoral candidate majoring in journalism studies. Her research focuses on the re-emerged concept of constructive journalism and it's implications o... Läs vidare

Martin Karlsson

Martin intresserar sig särskilt för politikens former och villkor i medier genom historien och vad som får, kan och borde uttryckas under olika perioder. Det... Läs vidare

James Losey

James has eight years experience in public policy and over ten years researching the intersection of information, technology and power. He is currently a PhD... Läs vidare

Ole Johnny Fossås

Ole Johnnys avhandlingsprojekt fokuserar på skandinaviska industriella företagsfilmer (industriella filmer) som beställts av gruvföretag. Genom att kombinera... Läs vidare

Michelle Labrague

Michelle Labrague’s research interests include history of American environmental movement since the 1960s and its articulations in the fields of fashion an... Läs vidare

Anna Hanchett

My most pressing intellectual interests include fashion history and theory; feminist, gender and sexuality studies; fashion and materiality; studies of corpo... Läs vidare

Helena Almqvist Hägglund

Helena’s research interests surround the relationship between media and migration, social movement activism, protest and new media technologies. Läs vidare