The changing media coverage of Roma people

Publicerad: 21 oktober 2015

Media representations of the Roma people were in focus when JMK researchers Anna Roosvall and Ester Pollack took part in a panel discussion at the Media Studies Institute in Stockholm (Institutet för mediestudier) on October 20th.

The event launched their new book, Mediebilden av romer (The Media Image of the Roma People). Roosvall and Pollack highlighted how Sweden’s largest newspaper Dagens Nyheter had increased its coverage significantly since 2010, and questioned myths of the Roma in recent reporting, focussing on their rights rather than the problems they cause. Author and journalist Lawen Mohtadi and Heidi Pikkarainen from the The Commission against Antiziganism also took part in the event, which was attended by scholars and members of the public. For more in Swedish, see here the debate article published on October 21st by Roosvall and Pollack.




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