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My main areas of research are minor cinemas and memory studies.

Previously I have worked as Research Fellow at Åbo Akademi University (Finland), and as Senior Lecturer and Professor in Film Studies at Karlstad University (Sweden). I have been at Stockholm University since 2014.

I am a member of the examination board of the PhD program in Fine Arts at the University of the Arts, Helsinki, Finland since 2006, and member of the committee of Artistic Research at the Swedish Research Council since 2013. I also work as a curator and have been organizing Scandinavia's only international experimental film event, AVANT, since 2002.

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Research Interests

I have been involved in three extensive research projects on Swedish minor cinemas funded by the Swedish Research Council: Swedish Experimental Cinema (2006-08); The Stockholm Film Workshop and the Cultural Politics of Minor Cinemas (2010-12) and The Cultural Practice of Immigrant Filmmaking (2013-2015).

A selection of recent publications on minor cinemas:

Books: 1. Hellre fri än filmare: Filmverkstan och den fria filmen. Lund: Nordic Academic Press 2014. Co-authored with LG Andersson. 2. A History of Swedish Experimental Film: From Early Animation to Video Art Eastleigh/Stockholm: John Libbey/KB, 2010. Co-authored with LG Andersson and A Söderbergh Widding.

Articles: 1."Spaces of Becoming: The Stockholm Film Workshop as a Transnational Site of Film Production", Transnational Cinemas 6: 2 (2015). Co-authored with LG Andersson. 2. "A Cinema of Presence and Proximity: Gunvor Nelson’s Collage Films and the Aesthetics of the Signaletic Material before the Electronic Signal", Journal of Aesthetics and Culture 4 (2012). 3."The Cultural Policies of Minor Cinema Practices: The Swedish Film Workshop during its First Years", Studies in European Cinema 8: 3 (2011). Co-authored with LG Andersson. 4. "An Ethics of Time. Bo Jonsson and the Aesthetics of Forgetting". Nieswiadomosc i transcendenjca, Warszawa: Eneteia, 2011. 5. "The Deterritorialization of Film", Globalizing Art. Negotiating Place, Identity and Nation in Contemporary Nordic Art, eds. B M Stavning Thomsen and K Ørjasæter. Aarhus: Aarhus UP, 2011. 6. "Film Workshops as Polyvocal Public Spheres: Minor Cinemas in Sweden", Canadian Journal of Film Studies, 19: 2 (2010). Co-authored with LG Andersson.

A selection of recent publications on memory studies:

Books: 1. European Cultural Memory Post-89. Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2013. Co-edited with C Mithander and A Velicu.

Articles: 1. "Stories of National and Transnational Memory. Renegotiating the Finnish Conception of Moral Witness and National Victimhood", Finland’s Holocaust: History and Silence. eds. S Muir and H Worthen. Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2013. 2."Visions of Transnational Memory", Journal of Aesthetics and Culture 3 (2011). 3."The Cultural Trauma Process, or the Ethics and Mobility of Memory", Migrating Memory: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Memory Studies, eds. J Creet and A Kitzmann. Toronto: U of Toronto Press, 2010.

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Ongoing Research

Forthcoming are two publications related to the research project on immigrant minor cinemas. A co-authored book (with LG Andersson) to be published by Intellect and an article on minor Latin-American immigrant cinemas in Sweden.

In memory studies I am currently involved in the COST network "In Search of Transcultural Memory in Europe" (2013-2016). Forthcoming is a journal issue (co-edited with B Misztal) of Crossings: Journal of Migration and Culture on the subject of memory and migration.

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