Böcker och antologier

År Titel Förlag / Utgivare
2019 The Cultural Practice of Immigrant Filmmaking Intellect
2018 Transnational Cinema at the Borders Routledge
2014 Hellre fri än filmare. Filmverkstan och den fria filmens kulturpolitik Nordic Academic Press
2013 European Cultural Memory Post-89 Rodopi
2012 Historical Dictionary of Scandinavian Cinema Scarecrow Press
2010 A History of Swedish Experimental Film: From Early Animation to Video Art Kungliga Biblioteket/John Libbey
2007 Collective Traumas: Memories of War and Conflict in 20th-Century Europe P.I.E -- Peter Lang
2005 Memory Work: The Theory and Practice of Memory Peter Lang
2003 Gunvor Nelson and the Avant-Garde Peter Lang

Artiklar i tidskrifter

År Titel Tidskrift
2017 The Cultural Practice of Minor Cinema Archiving Journal of Scandinavian Cinema
2016 Beyond Accented and Exilic: Latin-American Minor Cinemas in Sweden, 1970-1990 Studies in Spanish & Latin American Cinemas
2016 The Memory Practices of Immigrant Film-Makers: Minor Cinemas and the Production of Locality Crossings: Journal of Migration and Culture
2015 Spaces of Becoming: The Stockholm Film Workshop as a Transnational Site of Film Production Transnational Cinemas
2012 A Cinema of Presence and Proximity: Gunvor Nelson’s Collage Films and the Aesthetics of the Signaletic Material before the Electronic Signal Journal of Aesthetics and Culture
2011 Visions of Transnational Memory Journal of Aesthetics and Culture
2011 The Cultural Policies of Minor Cinema Practices: The Swedish Film Workshop during its First Years Studies in European Cinema
2010 Film Workshops as Polyvocal Public Spheres: Minor Cinemas in Sweden Canadian Journal of Film Studies
2008 Amateur and Avant-garde: Minor Cinemas and Public Sphere in 1950s Sweden Studies in European Cinema
2007 The Material and the Mimetic: Gunvor Nelson’s Personal Film-making Framework: The Journal of Cinema and Media
2006 Contemporary Cinematic Work from Finland: The Non-place of Cinema and Identity New Cinemas: Journal of Contemporary Film
2005 ’I am a Rhinoceros’: Memory and the Ethics and Aesthetics of Materiality in Film Studies in European Cinema

Kapitel i antologier

År Titel Samlingsverk / Antologi
2016 Chance and Play or, Marvellous Machines: A Forgotten Swedish Film Avant-garde A Cultural History of the Avant-Garde in The Nordic Countries 1950-1975
2013 Finland at War on Screen since 1989. Prosthetic Memory and Affirmative Historiography European Cultural Memory Post-89
2013 Stories of National and Transnational Memory. Renegotiating the Finnish Conception of Moral Witness and National Victimhood Finland’s Holocaust: History and Silence
2011 Detektivens blick och filmens minne: Parland i samtiden Erhållit Europa/vilket härmed erkännes
2011 The Deterritorialization of Film Globalizing Art. Negotiating Place, Identity and Nation in Contemporary Nordic Art
2010 The Cultural Trauma Process, or the Ethics and Mobility of Memory Migrating Memory: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Memory Studies
2007 ’The Unknown Soldier’: Film as Founding Trauma and National Monument Collective Traumas: Memories of War and Conflict in 20th Century Europe
2004 Juha The Cinema of Scandinavia
2003 Avant-Gardes and Modernisms Gunvor Nelson and the Avant-Garde
2000 The Non-place of Identity: On the Poetics of a Minority Culture Beyond Boundaries: Textual Representations of European Identity