Anja Hirdman är docent och verksam som lektor vid JMK. Hon har en fil.mag i idéhistoria och doktorerade i journalsitik med avhandlingen Tilltalande bilder. Genus, sexualitet och publiksyn i Veckoreyn och Fibaktuellt, 2002.

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Research Interests

Hirdman´s current research addresses how findings in neuroscience, cognition and affectstudies have contributed to our knowledge of how the human body processes words and pictures and allows us to relate to cultural and mediated representations. The understanding of this complex relationship between mind, body and the phenomenological experience of self is studied in relation to televised narratives and the transmission of affect, focusing on the relationships between our own and other bodies, between our perceptions and affective modes of communciation. Departing from theories of the socio-political dimension of "emotionalism" it concerns question of how the circulation, and transmission of emotions produce certain subject positions through a process of “othering”.

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