Former Radio Netherlands Worldwide journalist who ended up doing reseearch on media and the environment. Ba. in journalism from the Windesheim University of Applied Sicences and MSc. in Global Studies from the University of Gothenburg.

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Ongoing Research

Dissertation: Climate change is increasingly becoming a defining feature of our era. Yet, due to its abstract nature, the idea of climate change can receive very different meanings depending on its context. The study therefore explores climate change in the everyday lives of young adults in Stockholm. By giving voice to the “climate stories” of individuals, I shed light on the transformative power of climate change and how it is used for interpretation and mobilisation, through an micro-level everyday perspective. This relates for example to how individuals feel about climate change and what kind of concerns, values, and actions climate change may/may not inform. The study unfolds through a qualitative approach using photo-elicitation (the participants take photographs in their everyday contexts) and in-depth interviews.

Project: Besides my dissertation, I am research fellow in the project "Arctic Governance and the Question of Fit in a Globalized World". This Formas-funded project investigates the opportunities and limitations for international regional governance to meet challenges of rapid environmental change and related social in a context where drivers of change are often global yet where the power to intervene lies mainly at the national and subnational levels. Specifically, it investigates the changing role of the Arctic Council. My particular focus within the project is concered with the representation of the Arctic in news media, both quantitative and qualitative.

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