Born in 1981 with a Master of Science in Political Sciences (specialising in Politics and Gender) and a BA in History (Stockholm University).

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Research Interests

My research interests are primarily focused on artistic urban practices and performances. I explore these interests in an interdisciplinary manner that is an interfusion of media- and communication, urban art and aesthetics, urban geographies, and performance studies.

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Ongoing Research

My ongoing PhD project aims towards exploring how street- and graffiti artists are (re)negotiating urban space in Stockholm. The study deploys ethnographic methods such as in-depth interviews, participant observations and visual ethnography. The research is intended as a contribution for explorations of questions about: the right to the city; becomings of art and politics; artistic (un)freedom; the performative character of urban space; and the urban space as political arena.

This project is financed by The Swedish Research Council. It is part of the larger research project “Cosmopolitanism from the Margins: Mediations of Alternate Expressivity” conducted by Miyase Christensen (Stockholm University/Royal Institute of Technology) and André Jansson (Karlstad University), who are also supervising the dissertation project.

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