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Olivia Eriksson is a PhD candidate at the Department of Media Studies. Her current research project focuses on moving image art and contemporary film installation in a gallery setting and explores the notion of embodied spectatorship in relation to the specificities of the gallery space. Olivia holds a BA and an MA in Cinema Studies from Stockholm University.

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Research Interests

Olivia’s research centers around the moving image within an art context. Research interests include the construction of space and questions of migration and displacement in contemporary film installation and gallery film, haptic cinemas and relational aesthetics. Most recently, Olivia has written on the staging of the archival object within the walls of the gallery.

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Ongoing Research

Olivia’s PhD project focuses on contemporary moving image art within the gallery space. Starting from the theoretical concept of embodied spectatorship, it examines the aesthetic experience within the spatial and temporal specificities of the gallery, drawing on a number of case studies. The dissertation also attempts to situate the moving image within the gallery in a historical context, exploring experimental film culture and art historical practices from the 60s and onwards.

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