Maaret Koskinen

Professor emeritus – Enheten för filmvetenskap



Maaret Koskinen is professor emeritus in Cinema Studies at the Department of Media Studies, and has been visiting professor at various universities (e.g. Fulbright Fellow at Cornell). Her publications on Ingmar Bergman, authorship, intermediality, as well as popular film have appeared in a number of national and international journals.

Koskinen was the first scholar given access to Swedish writer and film/theatre director Ingmar Bergman’s private papers during the last years of his life, which subsequently lead to the formation of the Ingmar Bergman Foundation. She also organized the first international Bergman symposium in Stockholm in 2005, and was appointed Honorary ’Ingmar Bergman Professor’ by Stockholm University and the Bergman Foundation jointly in 2009.

Aside from research and teaching, Koskinen has served in a number of public positions. She was for three decades film critic in Sweden’s largest national daily Dagens Nyheter and has served as Chair of the Swedish Association of Film Critics, as well as on number of film juries, among them 'Guldbaggen', the Swedish counterpart to the Oscars. She was Board Member of the Swedish Filminstitute 2011-2016, as well as Member, appointed by the Ministry of Culture, of The Swedish Broadcasting Commission between 2003-2006, and for a number of years Member, appointed by the Ministry of Law, of the Stockholm Court of Appeal in cases regarding film ratings. Since 2016 she is Chair of the Swedish Film Academy.

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Research Interests

Koskinen has authored several books on Bergman’s work in film, theatre, and literature from various theoretical perspectives. Her PhD dissertation in 1993, called (in translation) 'Plays and Mirrors. The Cinematic Aesthetics of Ingmar Bergman', was followed by ’Allting föreställer, ingenting är. Filmen och teatern - en tvärestetisk studie' (2001), which deals with intermedial relations between Bergman’s films and his work in the theatre. In 2002 she published 'I begynnelsen var ordet. Ingmar Bergman och hans tidiga författarskap' (translated into Finnish as 'Alussa oli sana - Nuori Ingmar Bergman', 2003, and in 2018 into Spanish), which was nominated for the Swedish literary ’August’ award. It explores unpublished materials in Bergman’s private archive, focusing on his work as author of literary fiction. Her next book (with Mats Rohdin) explored unpublished diaries and scripts in the archive, focusing on the conception, writing and making of Bergman’s last feature, 'Fanny and Alexander' (2005). Her books in English include (as editor) 'Ingmar Bergman Revisited. Cinema, Performance and the Arts' (Wallflower Press, 2008), with contributions by amongst others Janet Staiger, Thomas Elsaesser, and Paisley Livingston; and 'Ingmar Bergman’s THE SILENCE. Pictures in the Typewriter, Writings on the Screen' (University of Washington Press, 2010). Other publications on Bergman include:

“Ingmar Bergman, the biographical legend and the intermedialities of memory”, Journal of Aesthetics & Culture, vol. 2, 2010: 1-11. doi: 10.3402/jac.v2i0.5862

“Le Cinéaste comme Écrivain ou l’Écrivain comme Cinéaste?”, 293-315. I Jean-Louis Leurat, red, Cinéma & literature. Le grand jeu. Paris: De l’incidence éditeur, 2010.

"Foreword", 1-7. In John Orr, Ingmar Bergman: The Demons of Modernity: Ingmar Bergman and European Cinema. New York: Berghahn, 2014.

"Multiple adaptation processes: The case of Alexander Ahndoril’s The Director and its predecessors in feature film, television documentary and popular print media", Journal of Scandinavian Cinema, 5: 1, pp. 35–47, 2015, doi: 10.1386/jsca.5.1.35_1

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Ongoing Research

Recent publications in English:

With Ingrid Stigsdotter: "Real and Reel Stockholm – Representations of Stockholm in I-Media-Cities, and current issues in archival film access". Kosmorama, 2018, #272

”The Capital of Scandinavia? Imaginary Cinescapes and the art of creating an appetite for Nordic cinematic spaces”, pp 199-223. In Companion to Nordic Cinema, eds. Mette Hjort och Ursula Lindqvist. Oxford: Blackwells/John Wiley and Sons, 2016.

”Reception, Circulation, Desire: Liv Ullmann and the transnational Journeys of a Scandinvian Actress ” (in online The Journal of Transnational American Studies, vol. 7. No 1, 2016, special issue ed Dag Blanck, SINAS/The Swedish Institute for North American Studies, Uppsala universitet).

”P(owe)R, Sex, and Mad Men Swedish Style”, pp. 153-167. In Swedish Cinema and the Sexual Revolution: Critical Essays. ed Mariah Larsson and Elisabet Björklund, McFarland & Co, 2016.

”On Suffocation: Audible space, visualized sound”, in Short Film Studies (Intellect Journals, ed Richard Raskin). ISSN 2042-7824, E-ISSN 2042-7832, 6: 1, 101-104, 2015.

”Biltereyst, D., & Treveri Gennari, D. (eds.) (2014). Moralizing cinema: Film, Catholicism and power. New York, London: Routledge. 296 pp.” Book review in Communications: the European Journal of Communication Research, ISSN 0341-2059, E-ISSN 1613-4087, 40: 4, 500-502, 2015.

”An evaluation of research on literature and film at the Centre for Languages and Literature”, 153-191, i HTRQ14. An Evaluation of Research at the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology, Lund University, ed. Marianne Thormählen, Lund: Lund University, 2015.

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