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Chiara Faggella is a PhD student at the Centre for Fashion Studies, Department of Media Studies. She holds an MA in Fashion Studies from Stockholm University and graduated summa cum laude from Università degli Studi di Pisa with a BA in Communication Studies. Before entering the PhD programme at the Centre for Fashion Studies, Chiara worked as a digital marketing consultant in Italy for three years.

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Research Interests

Chiara's research interests include contemporary history of Italian culture; history of dress and costume; material culture of fashion; fashion history; history of tailoring and dressmaking.

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Ongoing Research

Chiara's ongoing research project focuses on the history of Italian dressmaking between the interwar period and the end of the 1950s. She is interested in production practices, cultural traits and commercial interactions which characterized the Italian fashion system before mass production took over and Milanese prêt-à-porter became synonimous of Made in Italy.

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