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Previously I have worked as an assistant at University of Zurich (Switzerland), in the department of film studies. My PhD thesis on the historical relationship between early cinema and tableaux vivants (living pictures) will be published as a book this fall. I also developed an online platform for the study of cinema history, mainly addressed to students on a BA level in Zurich. I was a postdoctoral researcher at Université Lumière Lyon 2 with a research fund by the Swiss National Science Foundation and I have been at Stockholm University since 2016.

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My main areas of research are the history and theory of early cinema and early sound film. I am especially interested in the history of film aesthetics, the development of film style, and the historical discourse on film, including early film theory.

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Forthcoming is the book publication of my PhD thesis: Gebannte Bewegung. Tableaux vivants und früher Film in der Kultur der Moderne. Marburg: Schüren, and an article in The Image in Early Cinema, ed. Tom Gunning, Scott Curtis, Joshua Yumibe, Bloomington: Indiana University Press. My current research focusses on the aesthetic phenomenon of silence during the transition to sound cinema around 1930. I am interested in how early sound filmmakers made use of silence as a stylistic means, how silence was conceptualized in contemporary discourse, and how it changed the cinema-going experience.

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