Med kameran som vapen och vittnesmål


Tidsperiod: 2012 – 2015


“The Documentary Call for Action: Public Television, Media Activism and Solidarity Filmmaking in Sweden 1962-1975”) is a project funded by the Swedish Research Council. Charting a Swedish and transnational media history, the overall aim of the project is to account for the documentary films produced and programmed for public television in the late 1960s and early 1970. The years of 1962-1975, defined by the Cuba Crisis and the end of the Vietnam War, chart the overall historical framework, also acknowledging the decisive technological and aesthetic changes for documentary filmmaking in the era of portable 16mm cameras and synchronized sound. The documentary films and TV programs at hand exemplify the Swedish Radio collaborators, Swedish freelance filmmakers’ and reporters’ interest in international conflicts and social movements. Of particular interest is the films by Swedish TV team made in North Vietnam in the early seventies, although an overall issue of national media history concerns the production context and media politics related to the emergence in the late sixties of, what Wahlberg labels "solidarity programming" in Swedish public broadcasting culture.

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Malin Wahlberg

Dr. Malin Wahlberg is a Professor in Cinema Studies at the Department of Media Studies at Stockholm University. Wahlberg received her PhD at Stockholm University in 2003 and have since then published work in the fields of classical film theory, do... Läs vidare