Creating the myth of the man-eating machine


Tidsperiod: 2010 – 2012



Jaws (Universal Studios, 1975) set a new standard for Hollywood film production by introducing the concept of “summer blockbuster,” for a film that changed the way inwhich people thought about sharks. 37 years after the release of the movie, the idea of sharks as ferocious man-hunters still looms large in public opinion. This conceptualization of sharks as ruthless killers is mythical rather than factual, and thisresearch tracks the mechanisms that propelled the idea deep into popular culture.The dissertation addresses the problematics of media constructions through a case study of the movie Jaws departing from its production process, and by applying Barbara Klinger’s interpretation of epiphenomena. The thesis studies how cinema travels into popular culture, by following the traces of the movie into other media, andits dialogue with the surrounding texts generated by PR, marketing and merchandising; simultaneously, the thesis seek to demonstrate the connection between the movie as mythmaker and the stigmatized portrayal of sharks.

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Elizabeth Castaldo Lundén

Elizabeth Castaldo Lunden är doktorn i Modevetenskap. Hon har en masterexam i filmvetenskap från Stockholms Universitet och en licentiatexam i Public Relations från Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (U.A.D.E), validerat av Högskolaverket som kan... Läs vidare


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