Att ge röst åt det förflutna: Vittnesmål och minnesarbete i dokumentärfilmen


Tidsperiod: 2017 – 2019



Soundscapes of Recollection: Filmed Testimony and Memory Work in Documentary Cinema. A project financed by the Swedish Research Council (2016-02504. “Att ge röst åt det förflutna: Vittnesmål och minnesarbete I dokumentärfilmen”)

The project aims at a film theory of sound and audiovisuality, with special attention to the aesthetics and agency of voice and filmed testimony in documentary cinema. Providing a critical reassessment of cinema, trauma and film as memory work, the proposed study will account for overlooked aspects of mediated voice and documentary soundscapes. The analysis will address problems of historiography, cultural memory and ethics in documentary cinema, while conceptualizing the affective impact of voice and sound in film narratives of loss and trauma; a context where scholarly attention has primarily been paid to a poetics of visual traces or visible evidence.

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Malin Wahlberg

Dr. Malin Wahlberg is a Professor in Cinema Studies at the Department of Media Studies at Stockholm University. Wahlberg received her PhD at Stockholm University in 2003 and have since then published work in the fields of classical film theory, do... Läs vidare