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Exploring the Intersections of Fashion, Film, and Media



Elizabeth Castaldo Lunden and Natalie Snoyman are co-editing a special issue of the open access journal Networking Knowledge, dedicated to exploring the intersections of fashion, film, and media studies. The project is the continuation of a series of activities they have been organizing in order to promote this area of studies bringing together scholars from film, fashion, and media studies. 6 of a vast number of submissions have been selected to be a part of the special issue that will come out in the Spring term 2017.

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Since the turn of the 20th century, the film industry has played a key role in the promotion and representation of fashion. Likewise, fashion's mediated character through newsreels, television, newspapers, magazines, photography, and even paintings has facilitated the study of costume and dress history. Film scholars have dedicated efforts to the study of fashion and film, focusing mostly—but not exclusively—on matters of representation through costume design. Significant contributions from scholars like Jane Gaines (1990), Stella Bruzzi (2012), and Adrienne Munich (2003)—among others—have paved the way for an interdisciplinary approach to study fashion from a film and media perspective, and shaped a multitude of intercultural links between cinema and other media practices. Far from being an exhausted topic, however, the intersections between the fashion and film industries offer a vast potential for historical research that is increasingly becoming of interest to scholars around the globe. This special issue of the journal seeks to widen the existing research network, gathering articles from postgraduate students and early career researchers from different backgrounds with a dedicated interest in researching the intersections between fashion, film and media, inviting them to present historical case studies that provide an overview of the ways in which these areas of study overlap and intertwine.

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    Accepted for publication
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    Artikel i tidskrift (refereegranskat)
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    Networking Knowledge, Vol 10, Nr 4.
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Elizabeth Castaldo Lundén

Elizabeth Castaldo Lunden är doktoran i Modevetenskap. Hon har en masterexam i filmvetenskap från Stockholms Universitet och en licentiatexam i Public Relations från Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (U.A.D.E), validerat av Högskolaverket som ka... Läs vidare