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Celebrating with the celebrities: Television in public space during two royal weddings



The recent emergence of an increasingly participatory media culture has opened up new ways for audiences to collectively negotiate the cultural meanings surrounding celebrities. Public screens are one such phenomenon, where people gather to witness the live broadcast of celebrity events. Taking our point of departure in two recent royal weddings in the UK and Sweden, we explore the performative displays that public viewing affords, as participants interact with the event on screen, with other participants, and with media representatives in the venue. This article provides a fresh analytical perspective on how audiences engage with royal celebrities in such mass-participatory consumption contexts, illuminating a little-studied area of celebrity culture.

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    Artikel i tidskrift (refereegranskat)
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    Celebrity Studies, Vol 6, Nr 1.
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Om författarna

Karin Becker

Professor emerita, Ph.d Mass Communication,
docent i masskommunikationsforskning.
Disputerade 1977 vid Indiana University/Bloomington, USA på avhandlingen Dorothea Lange and the Documentary Tradition. Avhandlingen utgiven 1980 (Baton Rouge: Louisi... Läs vidare

Andreas Widholm

Andreas Widholm is Associate Professor of journalism in the Department of Media Studies at Stockholm University, Sweden. He received his PhD from the same department in 2011. His research addresses the relationship between media, politics and cult... Läs vidare


Becker, K. and Widholm, A. (2015). Celebrating with the celebrities: Television in public space during two royal weddings. Celebrity Studies, 6(1), pp. 6-22.