Media and Politics in a Globalising World

Alexa Robertson

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Globalization and technological advances have had a dramatic impact on the relationship between media and politics. How can we understand the connection between the two in the present day? Alexa Robertson argues that we cannot understand the power of the one without taking the other into account. This exciting and accessible book provides fresh insight into our contemporary media landscape, adopting a truly comparative global approach.

In Media and Politics in a Globalizing World, Robertson encourages the reader to explore the relationship from different perspectives - those of the politician, the journalist, the activist and the ordinary citizen - and how the relationship between media and politics varies across cultures. Illustrated with contemporary examples throughout, the book weighs up arguments for seeing new developments in terms of change or continuity, as empowering or debilitating, and as promoting or undermining democracy.

Suitable for undergraduates and postgraduates studying politics, media and sociology, it also will be of interest to the general reader wishing to understand the complex role of the media in political life the world over.

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Alexa Robertson

Alexa Robertson är professor i medie- och kommunikationsvetenskap och undervisar på masterprogrammet vid IMS. Hon är utbildad historiker med en filosofie kandidatexamen från Stirling och en masterexamen från L.S.E. Hon flyttade till IMS efter fler... Läs vidare


Robertson, A. (2015). Media and Politics in a Globalising World. Cambridge: Polity.