Because Fashion Matters: Studying the Intersections of Fashion, Film and Media


Elizabeth Castaldo Lundén



For decades, scholars from varied disciplines in the humanities and the social sciences have immersed themselves in the study of fashion, particularly in relation to film and media. Since the early days of cinema, the film industry played a key role in the promotion and representation of fashion. Likewise, its mediated character through newsreels, television, newspapers, magazines, photography and even paintings has facilitated the study of costume and dress history. Film scholars like Jane Gaines, Stella Bruzzi, and Pamela Church Gibson—among others—have vastly contributed to the interdisciplinary study of these intersections. This increasing interest in the study of fashion has opened up to its emergence as an independent field. As discussions regarding delimitations and canons take place behind close doors in fashion programs, the need to open up such debate to Film and Media scholars is vital to the future of a field that has seen a great part of its development through these neighboring contributions.

The workshop will explore the study of Film, Media and Fashion in coexistence with the emergence of Fashion Studies as an independent field, focusing on questions of methodology, theory and practice through the experience of different film and media scholars working with fashion and film.

• What are the challenges and advantages of film and media scholars engaging in fashion research? • Is Fashion Studies an exclusive realm for fashion scholars? • Is there one singular way to study and teach fashion independently from its neighboring disciplines? • What can different approaches used in Film and Media Studies contribute to the study of fashion? • To what extent can Fashion Studies exist as a totally independent field, avoiding connections with Film and Media?

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Elizabeth Castaldo Lundén

Elizabeth Castaldo Lunden, FD är Universitetslektor vid Institutionen för Mediestudier. Hon har en doktorsexamen i modevetenskap och en mastersexamen i filmvetenskap från Stockholms Universitet. Henes licentiatexamen i Public Relations från Univer... Läs vidare


Castaldo Lundén, E. (2015). Because Fashion Matters: Studying the Intersections of Fashion, Film and Media. In: SCMS. Available at: https://cmstudies.site-ym.com/resource/resmgr/Conference_Program_pdfs/SCMS2015ConfProgram.pdf [Accessed 26 Nov. 2022].